View of pipeline in North Slope Alaska

DC9 Yukon

Doyon Camp 9 (DC9) Yukon is a 48-bed camp with lounge and spike room/ This camp was fully remodeled in 2012 to maintain our high standards for remote living. Camp Yukon is currently located in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

DC9 is arranged in 24 double occupancy rooms along a single hallway. The camp consists of six 12’X60’ skid-mounted units arranged end-to-end, with the recreation and utility units perpendicular on the ends, and ta four-unit kitchen, dining, and recreation facility located in the middle, forming a modified “I” shape. The camp includes a shared bathroom and a private bathroom. DC9 has two sets of washers and dryers.

DC9 has a spike room and a lounge with new furniture and a large screen TV. All rooms are wired for television service. The newly added kitchen can feed up to 80 personnel, with concurrent seating for 31. The camp has a mud room at each entrance, with new locker room and gym facilities. There is one managerial-type office, located off the new dining room.

DC9 Yukon is named after the Yukon River, the longest river in Alaska and flows through the Doyon Region.

DCY is a complete camp featuring a number of amenities including:

  • Full service kitchen and spike room
  • Lounge with big screen TV
  • Wired for TV in each bedroom
  • Self-serve washers and dryers
  • Locker room and gym facilities


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