Rig 25 in the snow


The Proven Leader in Drilling Technology, Environmental Awareness, Safety & Profitability

Four guys in hard hats working on a rig with large wrenches in their hands.

Doyon Drilling Inc. (DDI) operates on the North Slope of Alaska with nine of the most unique oil and gas land drilling rigs specially designed to drill oil wells in extreme conditions. In 1982 as a joint venture between Doyon, Limited, an Alaska Native regional corporation, and Nugget Alaska, Inc. DDI was formed. In 1993 DDI became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Doyon, Limited.

DDI currently has over 300 employees with the main office located in Anchorage, Alaska. We have demonstrated our commitment to remain competitive in the industry by continually reinvesting in the resources, our employees and rigs. Investment in our fleet has helped to ensure profitability and continued joint venture partnerships.

DDI proudly celebrates a number of “firsts” in the industry. Our Rig 9 was the first self-propelled, wheel-mounted rig developed for the North Slope. We later applied that same moving system to Rigs 14, 15 and 16. We are also the first drilling company on the North Slope to use high line power and dual-fuel turbines. Rig 141 is the only land-operated rig to drill five winter exploration wells in a single winter season for three consecutive years.

We are the proven leader in drilling technology, environmental awareness, safety, and profitability.


To be the industry leader in Arctic Drilling.


To drill the highest quality wells in the harshest environment.

Core Values

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