Rig 26

Rig 26

Rig 26

Rig 26 is a Technologically Advanced, Fully integrated, Multi-Modular Rig, designed specifically for Extended Reach Drilling Operations on the North Slope of Alaska.

The Rig Power System is designed to use both Diesel and Natural Gas along with the ability to Run Fully or Partially on HiLine Power.

The following information describes Rig 26 and its Strengths and Capabilities.

Well Capability

Rig 26 is Capable of Drilling on Well Spacing’s of 10-ft. or larger. This gives it the unique and versatile ability to Drill on any Developed Drill Site on the North Slope.


  • Rig 26 is made up of five (5) Support Modules and an innovative two (2) piece Subbase Design. This Design divides the Traditional Subbase Module into a Drill and BOP Cellar Module. It includes the following:
  • A Specially Designed Utility Corridor Area that is located on the Level 3 Well Row Side of Each Module. This Area allows for all Major Rig Utilities to be Run in one (1) Area for ease during Transportation, Operation, and Maintenance.
  • It is Outfitted with an Industry Contemporary Drilling Control System. This Customizable System uses Advanced Technology, Equipment, and Software along with Interactive Controls to give the Operator Unmatched Control, Consistency, Functionality and Reliability.
  • The Larger Drill Module is equipped with an innovative Self-propelled AC-driven Moving System. This results in Components that can be transported over anything from Normal North Slope Roads to Floating Ice Bridges.
  • Rig 26 include the following State of the Art Equipment which consists of the Sub Base Complex, Power Complex, Mud Pumps, Mud Pits, Miscellaneous Equipment, BOP and Spools, Moving System, and Auxiliary Equipment. See the following information for the Module Equipment, Components and Configuration.

Sub Base Complex

  • Mast: National Oilwell Varco® (NOV) Cantilever, 165-ft. Clear x 30-ft. Spread, HL max 1.3M lbs., and a Racking Capacity of 35,000-ft.
  • Drawworks: National Oilwell Varco® (NOV), ADS-30D, 650-ton, 3000HP, with 1-5/8-inch LeBus® Grooving
  • Block: National Oilwell Varco® (NOV), TB650, 650-ton Capacity
  • Drill Line Power Spooler: Contains 1 5/8-inch Drilling Line
  • Top Drive: National Oilwell Varco® (NOV) TDS-1000H, 1,715 HP, Rated at 1000-ton. Max Continuous Torque 88,075 ft.-lbs. at 102 RPM, Max Breakout Torque 103k ft.-lbs.
  • Rotary Table: National Oilwell Varco® (NOV), RT 37 ½-inch Opening, Rated at 750-tons Static, Hydraulic-driven
  • Power Slips: National Oilwell Varco® (NOV), PS-21 Hydraulic, Good for Pipe up to 16 inches.
  • Drillers Cabin: National Oilwell Varco® (NOV), Amphion® System, Touch Screen Controls, Fully enclosed
  • Choke Manifold: 3 1/8-inch x 5000 Psi, 2 1/16-inch x 5,000 Psi, Remote Operated Hydraulic Choke
  • Manual Tongs:  HT-100, two (2) ea. 78-inch with Multiple Jaws
  • Iron Roughneck (Main): National Oilwell Varco® (NOV), ST-120
  • Iron Roughneck (Stand Building): National Oilwell Varco® (NOV), ST-100
  • Floor-Mount Catheads: two (2) ea. Hydraulic for Tong Make-Up and Break-Out
  • Floor Winches: two (2) ea. 7.5-ton, two (2) ea. 4-ton, Hydraulic
  • Man-Rider Winch: two (2) ea. 400 lb., Certified
  • Stand Building Crane: XY Rated at 3,300 lbs. 
  • Rig Floor (Beaver Slide) Crane: Free Standing Jib, Rated at 5-ton
  • Floor Access: Beaverslide
  • Casing Stabbing Board: one (1) each

Power Complex

  • Primary Power: eight (8) ea. Caterpillar® 3512C Dual Fuel Tier II Flex, Coupled to Kato® Generator 1050kW with a Total of 8,400 kW
  • Stand-By Power: one (1) ea. Caterpillar® C27 Tier II Flex, Rated at 725 kW
  • Moving Power: six (6) ea. Caterpillar® C9 Flex Engine, Rated at 1,575kW
  • Hi-Line Power: Rated at 7275 kVA, two (2) ea. 4000AF Breakers, two (2) ea. 3750 kVA Step-Down Transformers (13.8 kV to 600v), four (4) ea. Harmonic Filters

Mud Pumps

  • Mud Pumps: four (4) ea. National Oilwell Varco® (NOV), 14P-220 Quadplex, Rated 2200 hp at 7500 Psi input.

Mud Pits

  • Mud Pit Volumes:  1,860 bbls. Active, Pill Pits 140 bbls. Storage, Trip Tanks 140 bbls. Storage, Total Capacity of 2140 bbls.
  • Shakers: five (5) ea. Derrick DP 628 HG with Hood Exhaust System, Custom Flow Divider Feed System
  • Centrifuge: two (2) ea. Brandt® FVS, 150 hp., Rated at 550 gmp
  • Vacuum Degasser: two (2) ea. Burgess Magna®-Vacuum 1000
  • Atmospheric Gas Buster: one (1) ea. Dual Inlet Alco® Atmospheric Poor Boy Degasser
  • Shearing Hoppers: three (3) ea. LobeStar® Shear Mixer
  • Bulk Mix Hopper: one (1) ea. Sackett® LB21 Big Bag Unit, 5000 Bar Capacity
  • Caustic Mix Hopper: one (1) ea. Vortex® Mixmate, 100 gal Capacity


Air Units

  • Three (3) ea. Sullair® 4509, 60hp, Heavy-duty Screw Compressors
  • Two (2) ea. Pneudri® MXP104 Air Dryer
  • Six (6) ea. Air Receiver Tanks, ASME Rated to 200 Psi, 36-inch x 92-inch (240 Gallon)

Heating Units

  • Two (2) ea. 150 HP, 3-Pass Wetback, Saturated Steam Boiler with Dual Float Controls, Dual Feed Water Pumps
  • One (1) ea. Vapor Power® Steam Generator, 200 hp
  • One (1) ea. Condensate Tank, 2500 gal. Capacity, with Filters and a Soft Water Supply Unit for Feed Water Demineralization
  • Three (3) ea. Tioga® Module Air Heaters for: Drill Module (2.8mmbtu), Mud System (2.8mmbtu), Pipe Shed (4.2mmbtu), Indirect Fired Air Heater with Dual Air Intake (Outside and Internal), Diesel Fuel or Natural Gas Usage, and Discharge Ducting System to Route Heated Air to Module Interior Space.

Water Tanks

  • One (1) ea. Heated Water Tank, 600 bbls. Capacity
  • Two (2) ea. 3-inch x 4-inch x 25 HP Centrifugal Pumps for Water System Circulation

Fuel Tanks

  • Three (3) ea. 4000 gallon, Double-walled, UL 142 Diesel Tioga® Heater Storage
  • One (1) ea. 5000 gallon, Double-walled, UL 142 Diesel Tioga® Heater Storage
  • One (1) ea. 5000 gallon, Double-walled, UL 142 Diesel Fuel Storage 
  • Two (2) ea. 8400 gallon, Double-walled, UL 142 Diesel Fuel Storage

Hydraulic Units

  • One (1) ea.: Primary HPU located on the Substructure, Electrically Powered with
    three (3) ea. – 75 HP Electric Motors, 102 GPM at 3,000 Psi. 811 gal. Storage Tank included. Includes Amphion® and Local Controls. This System provides Power to the Iron Roughneck, Floor Winches, Catheads, BOP Cranes, and Moving System.
  • One (1) ea. – NOV 50 HP Casing/Power Tong HPU located on Drill Floor, 38 GPM at 3,000 Psi. 177 gal. Storage Tank included
  • The Pipe Skate has a Dedicated HPU.
  • Other Module Hydraulic Needs are provided by their 20 hp Trailer HPU.

Water Tanks

  • One (1) ea. Heated Water Tank, 600 bbls. Capacity
  • Two (2) ea. 3-inch x 4-inch x 25 HP Centrifugal Pumps for Water System Circulation

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Vacuum and Power Wash System for General Clean Up
  • Mud Lab for use by the Mud Engineer

BOP & Spools

  • BOP Equipment:
  • One (1) ea. BOP Lifting Ring, 150-ton Capacity
  • One (1) ea. Shaffer® Annular Diverter, 30-inch x 1000 Psi, Stud x Flange
  • One (1) ea. Shaffer® Annular Spherical, 18 ¾-inch x 5000 Psi, Stud x Flange
  • Two (2) ea. Shaffer® NXT Double Gate, 18 ¾-inch 5000 Psi, Stud x Flange with 14-inch Operators and a Booster
  • One (1) ea. Shaffer® NXT Single Gate, 18 ¾-inch 5000 Psi, Stud x Flange with 14-inch Operators
  • Four (4) ea. Hydraulic Work Platforms
  • One (1) ea. Choke and Kill Line
  • BOP Closing Unit: One (1) ea. Ten (10) Stations, 3000 Psi, 540 gal Accumulator Unit, Remote Controls located in the Driller’s Cabin and Toolpusher Office
  • BOP Test Pump: Gardener Denver®, Electric 10,000 Psi with Digital Chart Recorder

Moving System

  • One (1) ea. – NOV PH-4.5-48 Hydraulic Pipe Handler is capable of handling Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, and Casing Up to 48 ft. in length and has a Safe Working Load of 9,000 lbs. and is Controlled by the Rig Amphion® System.
  • Unit has one (1) Elevator, two (2) Pipe Ejectors, Control Console, and a Dedicated HPU
  • A Short Side is provided for working Specialty Tools, etc.

Cuttings Pumping Unit (CPU)

  • One (1) ea. Green Earth® Breaker Mill, 100 hp
  • One (1) ea. 150 bbls. Cuttings Tank
  • One (1) ea. 16-inch Tank Mix Auger
  • Two (2) ea. 6×8 Eddy HD Pump with VFD Controlled 75 hp Electric Motor
  • One (1) ea. Trailered Walking System
  • One (1) ea. HPU with 11 gpm at 3,000 Psi/207 gal Oil Tank
  • All Support Utilities for the CPU come from the Mud Pit Module.