Rig in the middle of the Arctic.


Arctic Exploration Makes Us the Drilling Contractor of Choice

Rig being moved.

Our arctic exploration drilling experience and accomplishments have made Doyon Drilling, Inc. the drilling contractor of choice. Customer drilling schedules have been reduced by as much as one full year due to DDI’s drilling performance.

Operating in remote arctic environments presents challenges not encountered at established drilling sites. Safe work environments for our personnel and protecting the environment in which we operate are the foundation for successful exploration projects.

Ice roads are built during winter months and used to transport drill rig modules and support materials to remote areas where drilling operations are performed on ice pads. The exploration season beginning and end is dependent on cold temperatures. When temperatures begin to rise, the exploration season ends, equipment and materials are removed, and the ice roads and pads melt.

Efficient use of the short exploration season is crucial to completing a successful operation. Exploration drilling is performed during the coldest times of the year. Operating in temperatures of -50 degrees Fahrenheit and chill factors reaching -100 degrees Fahrenheit requires arctic-experienced personnel and equipment designed for these extreme environments.

Rig downtime can be the difference between success and failure of a project. DDI maintains its drilling rig fleet to very exacting standards.